Entry for LD33 - You Are the Monser.

A backwards JRPG. It's missing most of the features that would have made it interesting but it's a nice baseline RPG system that I can make good later on. The monster was supposed to have a home life in addition to the battle system but I never made it that far.

There's no sound, no effects, no background art, no tutorial, no damage or status effect indicators, and it's about as balanced as I could make it in 30 minutes. Also you can't die.

How to play:

Click the trapezoid under a character to select them, then use the four buttons at the top to pick an action.


-Resolution issues have been resolved! Thank you Canvas Scaler!

-If you hit the knight even though you have someone else selected, it's because he taunted you.


GetOffMyLawnWindows.zip 10 MB
GetOffMyLawnMac.zip 12 MB
GetOffMyLawnLinux.zip 12 MB